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1.b læsepensum 2005-6 (August to December)

New York (with a historical perspective)

From: Looking for America, Systime 2002

From: New York City, Systime 1993

From the internet:

Scott Fitzgerald: Gretchen's Forty Winks, 1927 (From: From: New York City, Systime 1993)

Vivian Gornick: A Ride on the New York Subway, 1972 (10,1 ns) fiction, short story

Joyce Carol Oates: Nairobi, 1984 9,1 ns) fiction, short story

Bret Easton Ellis: Tuesday (American Psycho, 1991) 8,5 ns, fiction, extract from novel

Jamie Clarke: Interview with Bret Easton Ellis

Louis Wirth: Urbanism as a Way of Life, 1938 (From New York City, Systime 1993, pp.146 to 149) non-fiction

Anthony Giddens (Internet material by David Gauntless, photo copy)

Længerevarende gruppearbejde: identity

Harold Pinter: A Night Out, 1961 (Samuel French)

Albee: Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf; first performed 1962 (Penguin)

James Joyce: Early Works, Modtryk 2001:

       A Painful Case (From: James Joyce Dubliners, Penguin 2000) short story, fiction

        The Dead, film by John Huston 1987




1. a 2004 (Til orientering for 1. b 2005)

Theme: Short short stories -  Looking for America, (Bjørn Christensen, Systime 2002):

Theme: Identity in a Changing World, New Irish Fiction

Fra Identity in a Changing World (Irene Allerslev Jensen, Systime, 1996):

Theme: Identity: (project with German):



Poems about identity (not included in the project with German)

Sylvia Plath: Daddy (2,7 ns) and Lady Lazarus (2,8 ns) (From: Ariel 1965) poetry 

Ted Hughes: The Rabbit Catcher (2,14 ns) and The Table (2 ns) (From: Brthday Letters, 1998) poetry

Theme: Utopia / Dystopia

Aldous Huxley: Brave New World, 1932 (Longman) (252 ns) (Links til romanen findes på min engelske fagside - engelsk litteratur) roman, værk

Dorothy Wertz: Cloning Humans: Is it ethical? (The Gene Letter, volume 1, issue 5, March 1997) (5,7 ns) non-fiction, tech.

Racehygiejne ind ad bagdøren (biotek -genvejen til bioetik og etik, forbrugerstyrelsen)

Keith Hudson: Eugenics is inevitable (Agence France-Presse, Sept. 30 2003) ( 2,9 ns) non-fiction, tech.

Ray Bradbury: The Pedestrian, 1951 (5 ns) (Man Belonging - not belonging, Gyldendal 1977) fiction, short story

Peter Porter: Your Attention Please, 1961 (52 lines) (From: Church Going to Crow, Gy.1974) poetry

Edwin Muir: The Horses, 1956 (52 lines) (From: Church Going to Crow, Gy.1974) poetry

W.B.Yeats: The Second Coming, 1919/1921 (22 lines) (From Collected Poems of Yeats, Macmillan) poetry

Theme: Modern Britain

Penelope Lively: The Happiest Days of Your Life, (5,8 ns) (From: Children our Future, Musagetes, 1979) fiction, short story

Penelope Lively: Loved Ones: A Christmas Fairy Tale, 1997 (3,5 ns) (From Crossroads I, Systime 2003) fiction, short story

Doris Lessing: DHSS, 1992 (7,2 ns), short story (From: Britain on the Move, Futurum 1994) fiction, short story

Fay Weldon: A Gentle Tonic Effect, 1988 (7,3 ns) (From: Britain on the Move, Futurum 1994) fiction, short story

Andrea Levy: This is My England, 2000 (14 ns) (From: This is My England, Gad 2001) non-fiction, essay

Michael Faber: The Eyes of the Soul, 1998 (12,9 ns) (From: This is My England, Gad 2001) fiction, short story

England in the 40s

Churchill: Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat, 1939 (From the British Spirit, Gy. 1969) non-fiction, speech

Churchill: Rebuilding the House of Commons (5,2 ns) (From the British Spirit, Gy. 1969) non-fiction

Francis Marshall: London at War (12,2 ns) (From the British Spirit, Gy. 1969) non-fiction


Albee: Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf, 1962 (104 ns) drama, værk



 The American Dream, hist.

Scott Fitzgerald: The Great Gatsby, 1926 (Penguin Popular Classics) (169,9 ns) novel, værk

Filmen The Great Gatsby svarende til 12 sider

From Rereading America, A Bedford Book, 1989:

President Bush's inauguration speech February 2005 (7,7 ns) non-fiction, speech

Walt Whitman:

Langston Hughes:

Carl Sandburg: Chicago Poems, 1916 (#1 Chicago,#6 They Will Say,#24 Onion Days,#29 Working Girls,#55 Skyscraper) poetry; ialt  4ns, poet

Martin Luther King: I Have a Dream, 1963 (Internettet) 5,7 ns non-fiction, speech

LeAnne Howe: An American in New York, 1987 (11,5 ns) fiction, short story

Jacob Needleman: Two Dreams of America (extract: 20,8 ns ; Winter 2003, essay no 1) (The Fetzer Institute; http://www.jacobneedleman.com/TwoDreams.pdf) non-fiction, the

Shakespeare: Hamlet 65 sider

576,5 ns